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[ profile] jailbaitjello's prompt for the meme (feel free to keep adding prompts!) : But what drew YOU to this sparkly, sequin-y thing called Takarazuka?

(How did this turn into all-Takarazuka, all-the-time? *grin* I have another journal for that!)

Mmm, I talked about how I first was introduced to Takarazuka in a rather incoherent ramble here. But what, specifically, drew me to it?

The idea of it was interesting, in that it was all-female. I know now that it's not as rare as you might think, but at the time it was new and intriguing. A friend who was a fan had posted pictures of two of the actresses in costume as the characters Klaus and Eroica from a manga that I adore, and they really did look the part. (I want that show to exist so bad!) I watched Elisabeth, which has a certain aesthetic that I think appeals to anime/manga fans.

But I think the thing about Takarazuka which determines whether you are going to get drawn in or not is whether you find an actress that appeals to you. Once you've been hooked by an actress--be she center star or that girl in the back line of the chorus in an enormous helmet holding a spear--you're in trouble. Because Takarazuka is flashy and big and many other adjectives, but at its heart is Family. And you find your One and you adopt her as a sister or a daughter* and you watch her grow and you cheer her on and you empathize your heart out. Sure, part of it is the facts and figures that we learn and hoard worse than any sports fan, and part of it is hearts-for-eyes adulation for the stars, but really, feeling useful and like you're supporting them and helping them to grow... that's the secret to Takarazuka (and OSK)'s longevity.

* This is not actually as creepy as it comes across in black and white text, really.

I watched Guys and Dolls and I loved it, I loved the camp and the genuineness that Takarazuka manages to exude simultaneously, and I loved Rika's* larger-than-life Sky. Rika is the big sister I never had.

* Rika is the "nickname"** of Shibuki Jun, who was the top star of Moon Troupe in the early 00s.
** "Nickname" is a funny way of putting it, because all the actresses have them, and 40% of the time their "nicknames" are their actual names, since all of them adopt stage names while in the Revue.

Date: 2014-01-14 10:16 am (UTC)
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"But when you find THE ONE you are in trouble"

Oh. yes.
Having a topstar you admire a lot is one thing, but watching the girl from the second row grow and to support her with everything you have to offer, is a totally different thing ^-^

Date: 2014-01-16 03:23 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yes. And I think it's the most insane of us who have discovered that. ;)


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