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Grabbing this from [ profile] sanalith because I need incentive to sit my butt down and post more.

From the list of dates below, pick a date and give me a topic to post on. Feel free to pick more than one, can be anything...a word, a sentence whatever takes your fancy. Pick from fandom topics, real life stuff, and anything in between!

January 6:
January 7: What was the best/most important thing you learned from student teaching?
January 8:
January 9:
January 10: Takarazuka
January 11:
January 12:
January 13: what drew YOU to this sparkly, sequin-y thing called Takarazuka?
January 14:
January 15:
January 16:
January 17:
January 18: Which are your favorite book series Of All Time?
January 19:
January 20:
January 21:
January 22:
January 23:
January 24:
January 25:
January 26:
January 27:
January 28:
January 29:
January 30:
January 31:
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Oh dear. I'm translating a terrible running pun, and I need help thinking of synonyms I might be able to use to preserve some of the humor (?) in English.

The words are:

hoteru - hotel
hotaru - firefly
medaru - medal
taoru - towel
hokuro - mole (beauty spot, not the animal)
fukuro - bag
zakuro - pomegranate

The problem is that there are visuals, so I can't change the words entirely.

Suggestions? I think hotel, medal, towel, and mole (freckle?) are probably okay as they are, but I need words for firefly, bag (satchel?), and pomegranate.
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I don't twitter (tweet?), but this is too cute.

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Movies I really want to see:

Delivery Man

The Monuments Men

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1) No one told me that an official trailer went up on Saturday! It's so cool! (And so much better than their attempts to play at video editing that they did in The Name of the Doctor.) I've been rewatching it to see how many objects I can place, especially ones from Classic Who. (The robot parrot from The Pirate Planet is my favorite so far.) I shouldn't admit it took me three watches to even notice Rose, should I?

2) Looks like we're finally getting confirmation on the US 3D theater releases this week. Am really hoping it's going to be playing somewhere I can get to.
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13 1/2 hours at school. May beat my OES workday schedule. Ded.
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Best Dr Who video ever!

Okay, she did them for OUAT and Sherlock, too. Eheheh.
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Totally used a random assortment of veggies instead of what the recipe calls for, but still delicious!

Shrimp and Veggie Stir Fry )


Aug. 22nd, 2013 11:21 pm
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I've been grabbing a lot of recipes off the internet lately, and bookmarking the more successful. But I'd like a better way to make certain that I don't loose them, so I think I'll start posting them.

Tonight's was a very simple success.

Easy Curry Chicken )

* * *

This one was fabulous!

Moroccan spiced chicken and pomegranate salad with butternut squash and couscous  )

* * *

This one was tasty and good for cleaning out the cupboards.

White Chicken Chili )

* * *

I like the sauce recipe more than the loaf, to be honest. Mmmm, dill.

Salmon Loaf with Dill Sauce )

* * *

Speaking of dill, I use this recipe a lot. Love the hot sauce in the tzatziki sauce. (I usually cheat and use naan instead of making the pita, though.)

Chicken Souvlaki with Grilled Pita )

* * *

This was another couscous chicken salad that I loved! (In fact, I found the other while trying to re-find this one and failing at my google-fuu.)

Chicken Couscous Salad )

* * *

I don't have a food icon. Mycroft will have to do!
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Anyone know a meaning for グヂグヂ?
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I desperately needed some Dr. Boli tonight<3

Originally posted by [ profile] drboli_rss at DAILY CONCLAVE ANNOUNCEMENTS.

The American cardinals who have been gathering over by the chimney to smoke those foul cigars are requested to put them away until after the conclave. The fumes are likely to cause all manner of unfounded speculation in the media.

A silver cufflink with a Masonic symbol on it was found in the dining hall after lunch this afternoon. The owner may reclaim it at the confessional.

All votes for tomorrow’s breakfast menu are due by midnight tonight. The kitchen staff have been instructed not to serve breakfast at all if no agreement can be reached.

Just a reminder to all cardinals that all cell phones must be left with the Pontifical Curator of Electronics for the duration of the conclave. A special Angry Birds station has been set up next to the coffee maker for the use of all cardinals on a first-come, first-served basis.

Proper attire is required at all times. The mere fact that television cameras are not admitted is no excuse for slovenliness. If you are in doubt as to whether the slogan on your T-shirt may be considered offensive and thus unacceptable, please refer the matter to the proper committee.

This evening’s papal ballot is sponsored by Lady Carey’s Decorator Matches, the only decorator matches classy enough for lighting papal ballots. Use Lady Carey’s Decorator Matches for every ecclesiastical application and bring a little class back into your cathedral.

Thank you for listening to your daily conclave announcements. The Father Ted marathon here on VTV Channel Two will resume immediately after the closing prayer.

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Ah, Ameba Pigg, how you amuse me.
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Something I just want to do, not really a meme, but if anyone wants to drop their own answers below, I'd love to hear them!

New Things (For Me) in 2012
or - How I Discovered Things Which Are No Longer Cool Years Late

Best Book

You know, although at the time I read them, I gave both CJ Cherryh's Betrayer and Janny Wurts's Initiate's Trial better ratings overall, Jerome K. Jerome's Three Men In a Boat is the one I keep pimping out to friends and relatives.

(Probably helps that it's not the 50-gazillionth in a series, like the other two are.)

Best Movie


I really loved Lincoln as well, but Argo just had me on the edge of my seat for half the movie, and I actually caught myself muttering at the screen (managed to stop myself from shouting) in the theater, which I just don't do because it's rude to the other viewers. XD

Best TV Show

Sherlock (BBC)

Just. Watch it.

Best Singer/Group

Mumford and Sons

Love everything by them that I've heard, but am particularly in love with "White Blank Page."

Her white blank page
and a swelling rage, rage
You did not think when you sent me to the brink, to the brink
You desired my attention, but denied my affections, my affections

They're kind of my Spike+Buffy OTP group.

Best Album

B.o.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray

This album is just such an intriguing mix of styles, and it's really interesting.

We're trapped inside the matrix
Forced to play our hand
We're filled with so much hatred
The kids don't stand a chance

Best Song

I know it was over-played on the radio (or I suppose it must have been, because we were inundated with it on the military station in Japan), but I found "We Are Young" in my head all the time. It's just an intriguing 20-somethings' anthem.

I know you’re trying to forget
But between the drinks and subtle things
The holes in my apologies, you know
I’m trying hard to take it back
So if by the time the bar closes
And you feel like falling down
I’ll carry you home

Okay, and so it's my EWE Draco+Harry anthem. I totally blame that fic.
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Does anyone have any recommendations for external hard drives? I'm going to back up all of these millions of recorded CDs and DVDs and get them out of my room and into a trash can!

I'm looking at the 2 & 3 TB drives.
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Hey guys. I think everyone here has also outgrown their anime/manga phase, but if not take a look! I'm clearing out the last of my collection (plus things people have given me over the years in the misplaced sense of "Oh, it's anime, she must like it!") and will be posting them up over the next few weeks.
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Internet access! I'm alive! I'm in Seoul! Narita was even more hellish than I expected!

Another day and a half and I'll be home!

PS - Am currently surrounded by smug young Americans and fighting the urge to punch them. This would be reverse culture shock, I suppose.
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Does vinegar go bad?


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