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Two cancelled flights and an unexpected 12-hour train ride later, in finally home. So much to talk about!!
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N-no! I've just realized that Star Trek Beyond is opening while I'm in NYC. Why do these things keep happening? My life is very boring, there should not be schedule conflicts!


So, like, will it open with an early morning showing, do y'think? ..... Probably not. *sigh* Gonna have to wait until Tuesday--the agony.

And, has everyone seen the latest trailer? It just occurred to me that Chris Pine is using Shatner pauses in the Kirk monologue♥

This is going to be so painful to watch too, though. It's definitely going to be in memory of Anton, don't you think? T-T
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Oooooooh my god, Eddie Izzard is in NYC July 22 & 23!! I think I need to sell one of my Chicago tickets. XD
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I neglected this meme last year, and I regret it, so I'm resurrecting it.

New Things (For Me) in 2015

Best Book

I read a LOT this year, mostly due to paperbackswap. There were quite a few excellent ones in there, but the best, hands down, was The Game of Kings by Dorothy Dunnett. Just gorgeous, smart, and fun.

Best Movie


I adored this movie. Imagine all the popular 19th century boys adventure stories, and this seemed to fit right in. It's all about the imagination of children. It's non-stop action adventure, with lots of snark, gorgeous colors. Just lots of fun.

As a runner up, I have to say: Spotlight

It was a really interesting look at the kind of old-school journalism that is fading fast from our world. Very serious topic treated seriously, but the script also had me laughing out loud in places, and the ensemble cast was amazing.

Best TV Show

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, seasons 1-3

Awesome. Amazing. Great mysteries, great cast, costumes to die for.

Best Podcast

Limetown is really amazing! Creepy and interesting with great production values.

Best Album

Hmm. The only music I bought this year were the Miss Fisher soundtracks. XD Really fun '20s jazz!


Oct. 28th, 2015 06:20 pm
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Today I learned the German for "sent from my iPhone." XD

Oh! Oh! And there's a new Bowie album out in November. Excited!

ETA: Noooo, AO3 is being slow and glitchy. Why? T_T
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Please vote below for the new domain name for the TakaWiki! If you have an alternative suggestion, please post it in the comments. Thank you!

[Poll #2003564]

ETA: Poll will close on Friday.
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Subbing today. Lunch break and the coffee is starting to wear off. Uh-oh. 3 1/2 more hours....
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Arriving 30 minutes early for an interview.... Not recommended. Booored.....


Dec. 12th, 2014 05:10 am
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I didn't get all my Xmas cards out this year. Apologies!

Boarding way too early flight soon.


Dec. 8th, 2014 03:40 pm
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Sep. 4th, 2014 11:50 am
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I don't see a clean relationship between the first part of this sentence and the second half, perhaps because I'm not certain whose "social position" and whose "love and respect" is being referred to here.

The context is a soldier complaining about a new (aristocratic and female) commander. Or, for those of you who know The Rose of Versailles, it's the scene where Alain bitches about Oscar taking over command of the city guard.


Any suggestions? I can see the first part as "Love and respect, regardless of social position" and the second as "(but) did you think of the honor of the men who must follow your command?", but I can't see how to cleanly put them together.

ETA: How about "Social position has no bearing on love and respect, and did you think of the honor of the men who must follow your command?"?

ETA: "It might be amusing for you to forget who you are, but did you think of the honor of the men who must follow your command?"
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Sooo, yeah. Even though I'm totally this person *points* on LJ, if you haven't seen Weird Al's "Word Crimes" video, you really need to. It's awesome.

Figure out the difference
Irony is not coincidence

Book swap?

Aug. 12th, 2014 11:48 am
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I find myself with a small box worth of paperbacks that I know my local used bookstore won't buy back from me since they're trying to reduce inventory. I know if I give them to most places they'll just end up in the trash. Anyone else (in the continental US) have some books they'd like to swap for these?

Make no mistake, these are on the low end of the literary scale -- mysteries, romances, fantasy, YA, with maybe a biography or history thrown in. I'm looking for similar light reads.

I figure if I send them media mail they'll be fairly cheap to mail. Much cheaper overall than even browsing at the used bookstore. ;)
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Just letting everyone know that I'll be even more uncommunicative than usual this weekend. I'm off for canoeing and camping in the Adirondacks until Monday, and then jaunting down to Saratoga for a day, so I probably won't be properly injected back into the web until Wednesday.
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My latest excuses for not being online are amazing weather and finding four seasons of Fry and Laurie on Netflix. But they don't have Jeeves and Wooster. Life is hard.

Also, what the hell is going on in TW this season? I don't even watch the show, but the net has been blowing up with pictures of widdle Derek.
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Happy 4th of Jul. to those who celebrate it!
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*eyes cross*

I keep double-thinking this sentence, and I've gotten myself all mixed up.


I hate the particle "ni." It's a transitive verb, ok. So the "ni" is "to," and not the person causing the action. Right? It's not some special passive or causative verb?

He intends to sell you off to the count.


The count intends to sell you off.


The problem is that the second makes sliiiightly more sense in context.

Er, unless the "he" is Antonio, not Bartolo. Damn.
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[ profile] jailbaitjello's prompt for the meme (feel free to keep adding prompts!) : But what drew YOU to this sparkly, sequin-y thing called Takarazuka?

(How did this turn into all-Takarazuka, all-the-time? *grin* I have another journal for that!)

Mmm, I talked about how I first was introduced to Takarazuka in a rather incoherent ramble here. But what, specifically, drew me to it?

The idea of it was interesting, in that it was all-female. I know now that it's not as rare as you might think, but at the time it was new and intriguing. A friend who was a fan had posted pictures of two of the actresses in costume as the characters Klaus and Eroica from a manga that I adore, and they really did look the part. (I want that show to exist so bad!) I watched Elisabeth, which has a certain aesthetic that I think appeals to anime/manga fans.

But I think the thing about Takarazuka which determines whether you are going to get drawn in or not is whether you find an actress that appeals to you. Once you've been hooked by an actress--be she center star or that girl in the back line of the chorus in an enormous helmet holding a spear--you're in trouble. Because Takarazuka is flashy and big and many other adjectives, but at its heart is Family. And you find your One and you adopt her as a sister or a daughter* and you watch her grow and you cheer her on and you empathize your heart out. Sure, part of it is the facts and figures that we learn and hoard worse than any sports fan, and part of it is hearts-for-eyes adulation for the stars, but really, feeling useful and like you're supporting them and helping them to grow... that's the secret to Takarazuka (and OSK)'s longevity.

* This is not actually as creepy as it comes across in black and white text, really.

I watched Guys and Dolls and I loved it, I loved the camp and the genuineness that Takarazuka manages to exude simultaneously, and I loved Rika's* larger-than-life Sky. Rika is the big sister I never had.

* Rika is the "nickname"** of Shibuki Jun, who was the top star of Moon Troupe in the early 00s.
** "Nickname" is a funny way of putting it, because all the actresses have them, and 40% of the time their "nicknames" are their actual names, since all of them adopt stage names while in the Revue.


Jan. 11th, 2014 11:18 pm
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I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date! XD

Yes, see, I got side-tracked by Takarazuka things, but that's perfect, actually, because my topic for yesterday from [ profile] jailbaitjello was "Takarazuka." (And, yes, feel free to keep adding to the meme topics, because otherwise you'll be subjected to topics that I pick.)

Takarazuka means 'Treasure Hill,' and is the name of a town in Hyogo Prefecture that once wasn't known for much of anything except a lovely hot spring. However, it was rather remote, even from the cities of Kobe and Osaka. The owner of the railroad lines that led to Takarazuka decided he needed a relatively cheap attraction to lure people out. So, in 1914 he began a theatrical troupe composed entirely of girls. Their earliest performances were on an impermanent stage constructed over a pool in a bathing house. Kobayashi convinced the girls' families that they would get a nice year-long education in propriety and the things that would make them good wives and mothers, and of course they wouldn't remain as performers for more than a few years (thus meaning that Kobayashi wouldn't have to pay them much). Their motto became "Kiyoku, Tadashiku, Utsukushiku"--often translated as "Pure, Proper, and Beautiful," although I prefer the translation of "Modesty, Fairness, and Grace." I think the later captures more of what Kobayashi was trying to achieve.

These young maidens (many were 12-13 when they joined) performed folk tales and fairy tales for a couple of decades before the industry began to change and incorporate elements of Western revue shows from Europe in the 30s. It continued to evolve, and still remains today, nominally run by Kobayashi's grandson and their parent conglomerate. All of which grew from that small train company, Hankyu.

This year marks the 100th anniversary of this rather unique Japanese art form. And if they do more these days to draw in a younger crowd, and less attention is paid to preserving the performance folk arts that they once were renowned for keeping alive, well.... sometimes you have to change to keep going.


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